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what SIMPLE chat program can I use now? Hangouts not an option.

I do not want to use hangouts.. I want and need a simple chat program.  gtalk worked great. I am disappointed in you google.
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If you don't want to use Google Hangouts, please feel free to try out Google Allo: https://allo.google.com/. It's a smart messaging app that helps you say more and do more. You can express yourself better with stickers, doodles, and HUGE emojis & text. Allo also brings you the Google Assistant. Learn more at https://support.google.com/allo.


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will my current gtalk connections automatically be in this new program?
probably not...

1.  install yet again another program?, then try and get all my connections on a new program.. no thanks
2.  I do not want to say more and do more.. that is the point of gtalk. just a simple text IM.....  :(

I know I am ranting.. and I am sorry.....  all my connections are already on gtalk, and we use it regularly. (every day).. it keeps history, search and delete...  gtalk has all the features we need.. which is simple.. just text!!

oh well..  I guess I will have to resort to text messaging.. but then I cannot click on links...  

Vom Marlowe
Vom Marlowe
I use Campfire as my business chat program these days.  It's simple to use, but you do have to create a 'room' and invite your chat-contact to join you there.  It's kind of like going back to the 90s.  There's no way to have pop-ups for when someone comes online (I don't think, anyway), which is a downside, but you can see when people enter and leave a room.  The archives work well for me, are easy to read and search, if you want to look something up. 

I desperately miss having old Google Chat, which worked great.  Campfire is from the same people who do Basecamp.  I've got no affiliation, I just like the program as a G-Chat replacement.  Hope this helps. 
Velvet Sky
Velvet Sky
What a horrible disaster this is. No one is happy about it and google stubbornly refuses to reconsider this decision. Hangouts is not a suitable substitute for GV. It's not even remotely the same service and they know that, but continue to reply to everyones concerns as if they can all be met in Hangouts. They know very well that they cant. Just be up front about telling longtime GV users that you are screwing us. Rather than running us around in circles knowing that there are no fixes for this inferior substitute being forced upon us. Someone will come out with the necessary replacement service that everyone can depart to. Too bad it will be too late to avoid doing massive damage to many peoples businesses that depend on the GV service. And Hangouts does not even work well for the service that it is intended to be (which is not the same as GV). So it's going to be a fail anyway. Thanks a lot google. You are just 2 great for words. 
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