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Raz Cohen

How to switch off the sound on the desktop Hangout?


Is there any way to switch off the chat sound notification on hangout?
I notice there is an option to switch the notification for a certain chat buddy, but is there a way to switch it off globally?
I use to have an option to do that from the chat notification inside the settings, but it's no longer available after the hangout update.
By the way, does it affect the phone settings?
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Google user
Google user
Hi Raz,

At this time we don't offer the capability to turn off just the noise without also disabling all other notifications. We do offer the ability to turn off all notifications (if you set this at the global level, it’s our “snooze” notification setting - but you can also turn off notifications for a particular conversation). Snooze allows you to remain in conversations but have control over how you appear to others (available or unavailable when on desktop) and avoid being interrupted. 

Hope that helps,

Tim D Riley
Tim D Riley
Hi Dori,
let me reiterate:

Errrr WHAT?!
I have to revert to the old Gmail Chat to stop the incessant beeping sound!??!
Or hide myself from all conversations?!?!!!

Please can you put some priority into this, we're not the only ones annoyed by this bug:!topic/chat/pOk0yyhikQ0

Brian Kung
Brian Kung
Dori, this is the single, most ridiculous oversight I have ever seen in a product. NO NOTIFICATIONS WHATSOEVER, ON ANY DEVICE, ANYWHERE. Unless we listen to the obtrusive, incessant, annoying BLONK! every damn time? Do you not see how absolutely ridiculous this is? How utterly, absolutely, entirely, and wholly ludicrous the thought that NOTIFICATIONS HAVE TO HAVE A NOISE ATTACHED is?

I would like to know where to send my resume to, because I am a lock in position if they are evidently hiring absolute incompetent, fu#$ing morons to make decisions as simple as:


Here is my open letter to whoever is making these decisions at Google:

Dear Idiot McButtstain,

Did your shitforbrains never think that some people, even entire offices use this service at work, and both want to be notified of messages AND not have a sound play acros the entire office. Now squueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze your shitforbrains as hard as you can and imagine a bunch of computers "BLONKING" ALL FUCKING DAY LONG.

Go fuck yourselves, you god damn morons. Even I wrote in the fuctionality to have silent notifications as a fucking 14 year old doing programming exercises. Are you trying to prove that I was a better programmer, and critical thinker at 14 than your entire goddamn staff? 

Because I get the point now.
Hey guys. Just checking in. It's been about 15 minutes and this BUG that causes hangouts to be an UNUSABLE PIECE OF TRASH still exists. It's unacceptable that this amount of time has passed and this hasn't been made the top priority and crossed off the list.

I'm sure its gonna destroy some poor developers ego to have to give users an OPTION or something. I know you guys are trying to migrate to the "hold everyone by the hand and treat them like retarded babies" approach to developing software popularized by Apple. But really...

This needs to be fixed.

Or should I do the research Google should be doing itself into the thousands upon thousands of complaint of this all over the world. I mean, I'm just going to use their own Search product to compile it.

I'm just not sure if I can trust the staff at Google to do anything right anymore. 

You've seen that ridiculous Bell that replaced the formerly elegant "Number" notification. Now the number, the only useful part of the notification is tiny, and I have to click another button to make the bell look even more out of place than it already does.

Ugh. I am disgusted at the idiocy on exhibit. I could go on more about the ridiculous decision made with the new GMail. The "PlaySkooling" of interface...

But this? This is a simple, god-awfully common sense, evidently missing "Feature".

Are you guys gonna do a Hangouts upgrade and pretend this is a revolutionary "new feature" soon?
Google user
Google user
Hi everyone,

We've heard your requests for an option to disable Hangouts sound notifications. We're happy to announce that this feature is now available for all 3 Hangouts clients on desktop (Gmail, Google+, and the Chrome extension).

To turn sound notifications off, please click the small grey downarrow at the top of your contact roster, and toggle "Mute sounds" from "on" to "off."

Thank you for all of your feedback!
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