Google Chat עומד להחליף את הגרסה הקלאסית של Hangouts. אם אתם משתמשים ב-Google Chat, היכנסו למרכז העזרה של Google Chat.

שימוש ב-Hangouts עם קורא מסך

On a computer, Hangouts is organized with headings and landmarks to make it easier to navigate with a screen reader. Here are some tips for getting the best experience.

Screen readers that work best with Hangouts


  • On Windows: Use JAWS or NVDA
  • On Mac: Use VoiceOver
  • On Chromebook or Linux: Use ChromeVox

Using VoiceOver on a Mac

Use the following settings so that Tab key navigation reaches all messages in Hangouts:

  1. On your Mac computer, open System Preferences.
  2. Click Keyboard.
  3. Open the "Shortcuts" tab.
  4. At the bottom, under "Full Keyboard Access," select "All controls."
  5. Open your browser.
    • Chrome: Click More אפשרויות נוספות. Click Settings. At the bottom, click Advanced. Under the "Appearance" section, turn on Pressing Tab on a webpage highlights links, as well as form fields.
    • Safari: Select Safari ואז Preferences ואז Advanced. Next to "Accessibility," check the box next to "Press Tab to highlight each item on a webpage."

Using ChromeVox on a Linux

ChromeVox הוא תוסף לדפדפן, כך שהוא לא פועל עם התוסף של Hangouts ל-Chrome. כדי להשתמש ב-ChromeVox, צריך לפתוח את האתר של Hangouts בדפדפן:

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