Passare dalla versione classica di Hangouts a una nuova app per la messaggistica

Se utilizzi Hangouts come app per la messaggistica (SMS e MMS), passa a un'altra app per la messaggistica per continuare a inviare e ricevere messaggi di testo (SMS e MMS).  

Potrai continuare a inviare messaggi su Hangouts tramite Google Voice e Project Fi.

Step 1: Get a new text messaging app

You might already have a texting app on your phone. If not, you can:

Step 2: Set up your new texting app

  1. Open the Hangouts app .
  2. At the top, tap Menu Menu.
  3. Tap Settings e poiSMS e poi SMS enabled.
  4. Select the text messaging app you want as the default. If you’re using an older device, you might need to tap Default SMS app. If you don't see this option, set up your texting app in your phone's settings. 

Now you’ll get text messages through the new app, not Hangouts. Your current messages will also be moved to the new app.

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