Change Hangouts settings on iOS devices

You can change Hangouts settings like your status, notifications, or blocking specific people.

You can also create default settings for all Hangouts, specific Hangouts, or for specific people or groups.

General Hangouts app settings

You can change the general settings for the app, like sounds for notifications, what status you share, or temporarily turning off notifications.

  1. On your iOS device, open the Hangouts app.
  2. At the top left, touch Menu .
  3. Touch Settings .
  4. Choose one of the settings below to change.
Share your status

Your status will show on all devices you sign in to with your Hangouts account.

Choose any or all of the following things to share:

  • Share your status: Click the box and type a custom status message, like "in a meeting," or "on vacation." Your status will be visible to everyone you use Hangouts with.
  • Last seen: Touch the toggle button so it turns green to show your contacts when you were last using Hangouts. Even if you don't show when you were last seen, someone may still see that you're available if you click the conversation window, have your device, or in-call status turned on.
  • Device: Touch the toggle button so it turns green to show which device you're currently on.
  • In-call: Touch the toggle button so it turns green to share whether you're in a video or phone call on any of your devices.
Google Apps

To open a link within a Google app instead of a browser, touch Google Apps. Then touch the toggle button so it turns green. To turn the app off, touch the toggle button so it turns white.

Snooze notifications

If you don't want to be notified about new calls or new messages for a while, you can turn on snooze notifications. Snooze notifications can be helpful when you're unavailable to talk, like when you're in a meeting or while you're driving.

Turn on snooze notifications

Touch snooze notifications, and choose to snooze notifications for 1, 2, 4, 8, 24, or 72 hours. You can turn off snooze notifications by touching Menu > Settings > Will resume.

  • Notifications will be turned off across all of your Hangouts apps, including Hangouts in Gmail, Google+, and the Chrome extension.
  • New messages and video call invitations will show in your Hangouts list.
  • You won't receive video calls.
  • People who send you messages won't know that you have snooze notifications turned on, so they will assume you saw their message right away.

If you don't want to receive notifications from certain people, touch the options icon Options in the conversation> Mute.

In-app sounds
  • Sounds on: Touch the toggle button so it turns green.
  • Sounds off: Touch the toggle button so it turns white.
In-app vibrate
  • Vibrate on: Touch the toggle button so it turns green.
  • Vibrate off: Touch the toggle button so it turns white.
Device settings
Touch Device settings to go to your iOS settings for the app. The device settings control what the Hangouts app has access to, like contacts, photos, and cellular data.
Allow calls
Choose whether to allow calls to ring for Hangouts on Wi-Fi connections only or on both Wi-Fi and your cellular network connection. If you allow calls on your network connection, you'll use your cellular data plan and may be charged by your carrier.
Video call ring
  • Video call ring on: Touch the toggle button so it turns green.
  • Video call ring off: Touch the toggle button so it turns white.

Select an option for how people with your phone number, people with your email address, people in your circles, and everyone else can contact you.

Tip: Verify your phone number so that people can use it to find and contact you in Hangouts.

  • Can contact you directly: People can start a Hangout with you for the first time without sending you an invitation.

  • Can send you an invitation: People need to send you an invitation before starting a Hangout with you for the first time. To receive notifications for Hangouts invites, touch the toggle button next to "Invitation Notifications" so it turns green.

  • Can't send invites: People cannot start a Hangout with you or send you an invitation.

Archived Hangouts
See a list of your archived Hangouts. These are Hangouts you've had but are no longer showing in your most recent Hangouts list.
Blocked people
See a list of all the people you've blocked.
Phone number

Verifying your phone number will let people who have the number also contact you through Hangouts.

  • Only contacts who already have your phone number can find you and see information that you've made available (email, profile photo, and other contact info) through Google services, like Hangouts and caller ID by Google.
  • Your phone number won't be publicly shared automatically, unless you turn on sharing through Google+.

Incoming phone calls: To make Hangouts ring for your incoming Google Voice calls, touch the toggle button so it turns green. To turn prevent duplicate notifications, turn off forwarding phones in your Google Voice setting.

Messages: Touch the toggle button so it turns green to show text messages and voicemails in Hangouts.

Sync contacts
Touch the toggle button so it turns green to sync contacts. Make sure you've also allowed Hangouts access to your iOS device's contacts through your device's settings. Go to Settings> Privacy> Contacts. Check to see that Hangouts is turned on.
Send feedback

Send feedback about Hangouts to Google. This can include comments, suggestions, or technical issues.

  1. Touch "Include system data" to share your device's information with Google. This is important to include if you're writing about a technical issue so that we have the information to solve the problem.
  2. Write your comment or describe your problem.
  3. Touch the send icon .

We'll read your feedback and respond only if we need more information.

Shake to send feedback
Touch the toggle button so it turns green. Then you can shake your device anytime during a Hangout to send feedback to Google about the app.

Individual Hangout

You can customize the settings for a Hangout with one person.

  1. On your iOS device, open the Hangouts app .
  2. At the top right of the Hangout, touch the options icon Options.
  3. Touch any of the settings below to change them.
Add someone as a favorite contact to start a Hangout without searching for them next time. To see a list of your favorites, go to the bottom of the Hangouts app screen, and touch the favorite icon .
Start a voice call. You can make a call to someone's Hangouts account. Or, if the contact has a phone number connected with their Hangouts account, then you can call their phone number.
Start a video call. You can have a group video call with up to 9 other people.
Stop notifications for new messages and video calls. This will snooze your notifications on all your devices. To start receiving notifications again, touch the mute icon
Touch this to see more settings for individual Hangouts. You can change these settings:
  • Archive: Archive your Hangout. When you archive a Hangout, it won't show in your Hangouts list anymore. But you can see the conversation by going to your general Hangouts settings and choosing Archived Hangouts.
  • Hangout history: Your Hangout history is saved by default. If you use Google through your work or school, your domain administrator can change this default setting. Messages sent while the Hangout history is turned on will be saved, even if history is later turned off for a later part of the conversation. To turn it off, touch the toggle button so it turns white. Keep in mind that if the person you're chatting with is connected to the network with a different desktop chat client, it's possible that their software is keeping a separate copy of the history.
  • New group Hangout: If you want to invite other people to join, touch New group Hangout to turn your Hangout into a group Hangout.
    1. Touch the names of the people you want to add from the list.
    2. Touch Create. When you start a new group Hangout, this will start a new Hangout conversation window.
  • Delete Hangout: Delete your Hangout. You won't be able to restart or recover your Hangout once you delete it. If you want to see your Hangout's history, you can see it as long as the history setting was on during the time of the conversation.
  • Block person: Block the person from contacting you on Hangouts. You can also block people or spam when you get a Hangout invite or report abuse for spamming.

Group Hangout

Group Hangouts have the same settings as individual Hangouts, except that you can't delete the Hangout or block someone.

  1. On your iOS device, open the Hangouts app .
  2. At the top right of the Hangout, touch the options icon Options.
  3. Then choose any of the additional group Hangouts settings below to change them:
Hangout name
Name your Hangout. You can change or remove the name at any time.
Add more people to the current Hangout. Anyone you add can see all the previous messages in this Hangout.
New Hangout with this group
Create a new Hangout with the same set of participants. The current Hangout's history won't be copied to the new Hangout.
Leave Group
Leave the group Hangout. When you leave the group Hangout, you'll no longer be notified of its messages.

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