Manage invitations on Hangouts

When someone sends you a message or an invite to a video call for the first time, you'll receive a Hangout invite notification.

Respond to invites

When someone invites you to a Hangout, the invites will be at the top of the conversation list until you respond. Some invites that could be spam will be put in a spam folder in the "Invites" section in settings.

You can respond to the invite in two ways:

If you accept the invite, you'll start the Hangout and will be notified of all future messages and video calls from that person. After accepting the invite, you'll also see them in your contacts list, and they'll see your status. If you don't want to be notified of Hangouts messages from that particular person, you can turn notifications off for that Hangout.
If you ignore the Hangout invite, it goes away. The person who sent you the invite won't be notified that you ignored it.

Block someone or report abuse

When you ignore someone, you also can block and/or report the person for abuse.

Block the person from contacting you on Hangouts. When you block someone on Hangouts, the person will also be blocked in other Google products including Google+ and Google Chat in Gmail.
Report the person for abuse on Hangouts. You'll be letting Google know that there may be an issue with your Hangout with this person, such as harassing you or sending you spam. If we find that someone is violating our policies, we will take action. Reporting abuse doesn't block a person. You have to do that separately.

Change your Hangouts invite settings

You can allow people to start a Hangout with you without sending you an invitation if they know your phone number, email address, or are in your Google+ circles. Or you can require people to send you an invitation first.

Tip: Verify your phone number so that people can use it to find and contact you in Hangouts.

  1. Open Hangouts at or in Gmail.
  2. Open settings:
    • Click menu  > Settings.
    • Gmail: At the top of your Hangouts list, click menu .
  3. Click Customize invite settings.
  4. Choose the recommended invitation settings or customize your settings.
Get notified about invitations

You can turn notifications on and off for new Hangout invitations.

Check the box next to "Get notified about invitations."


People who know your phone number, who know your email address, or who are in your Google+ circles can contact you directly.

Everyone else can send you invitations

You decide who can contact you directly, who must send an invitation first, and who can't contact you on Hangouts.
  • Can contact you directly: People can start a Hangout with you for the first time without sending you an invitation.
  • Can send you an invitation: People need to send you an invitation before starting a Hangout with you for the first time. To receive notifications for Hangouts invites, check the box next to "Get notified about Hangout requests."
  • Can't send invites: People can't start a Hangout with you or send you an invitation.

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