Signing in to or out of Hangouts

When you sign in to or out of Hangouts from any desktop application (Gmail, Google+, the Chrome extension), you’ll be signed in to or out of Hangouts across all desktop applications.

When you sign in to or out of Hangouts on your computer, it won't affect your account on the Hangouts mobile app. You must sign in to or out of each Hangouts mobile app separately. For example, signing out of Hangouts in Gmail, will also sign you out of Hangouts in Google+ and the Chrome extension. But you won't be signed out of the Hangouts app on your Android, iPhone or iPad.

Signing in to Hangouts

  1. Open the Hangouts app.
  2. Enter your Google account information.
  3. Click Sign in.

Signing out of Hangouts

  1. Click Menu  at the top of your Hangouts list.
  2. Select Sign out of Hangouts.
If you don’t want to receive notifications about new messages or video call invites for a certain period of time, turn on Snooze notifications.

Signing in to different accounts on Hangouts at the same time

You can't sign in to different accounts from one Hangouts desktop application at the same time. But you can log in to different accounts by using Chrome profiles, where you can have multiple instances of the Hangouts desktop app open at the same time.

Once you set up Chrome profiles, make sure that you have the Hangouts extension installed on each profile. Then you can switch between Hangouts accounts on the desktop app by switching between the Chrome profiles.