Google Hangouts is being upgraded to Google Chat. If you use Google Chat, visit the Google Chat help center.

Fix audio or video call problems

If the person you’re calling can’t hear or see you, try these steps.

Classic Hangouts is being replaced by Google Chat for everyone. You are no longer able to use classic Hangouts on most platforms. Learn about the switch from classic Hangouts to Google Chat.

Step 1: Check your hardware

  1. Make sure your microphone, camera, and speakers are plugged in to your computer and turned on (microphone isn’t muted).
    • If you connect any of your hardware using USB, check if you need to install software from the device manufacturer.
  2. Make sure other programs on your computer aren’t using your microphone, camera, or speakers.
  3. At the bottom of the video call window, make sure you’ve turned on the microphone or camera .

Step 2: Check your Hangouts settings

  1. At the top of your video call window, click Settings Settings.
  2. Make sure the correct device is selected for each setting. To change the device, use the Down arrow Down arrow:
    • Camera : If your camera is working, you’ll see your video on the top right.
    • Microphone : To test your microphone, speak out loud and ask if the other person can hear you.
    • Speakers : To test your speakers, click Test.

Step 3: Restart your call and computer

  1. Exit and rejoin the video call.
  2. Restart your computer.

Step 4: Ask the other person to troubleshoot

If you can’t see or hear the other person, ask them to try the steps above.

If you’re still having problems, visit the Hangouts forum to get help from knowledgeable people who use Hangouts.

Step 5: Review Google Meet system requirements

Google Meet video calls are available in classic Hangouts. Google Meet and classic Hangouts have different system requirements. Learn more about requirements for Google Meet.

Step 6: Report issues or send feedback about Hangouts

You can send comments, suggestions, or technical issues about Hangouts video calls to Google.

  1. At the top of your video call window, click More More.
  2. Click Feedback.
  3. On the left, choose whether you want to include a screenshot. A screenshot can help with technical problems. You can highlight or black out any areas of the photo.
  4. Describe your problem. Be as specific as you can.
  5. Click Send.
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