Mute mic and turn video off

Don’t want people to hear you for a moment?

  1. To mute, click the  microphone button at the top of the video call window to mute your microphone. When your microphone is muted, the button will turn red.
  2. To unmute, click the button again. The button will return to gray indicating that others in the video call can hear you.

Mute someone else's microphone

  1. Hover over the person's video.
  2. Click the  microphone button.
  3. Confirm that you want to mute that person.
  4. A notification will appear at the top of the window letting participants in the video call that you muted the person.

Whoever you mute can unmute themselves by clicking their microphone button at the top of the video call window.

Turn your video on and off:

  1. If you don’t want people to see you, you can turn off your video camera. Click the  video camera button at the top of the video call window. When your video camera is turned off, the other person in the Hangout can’t see you.
  2. To turn the video back on, just click the video camera button again and the other person will be able to see you.

If you're experiencing issues with the video or sound quality of your Hangout, it could be because of a poor internet connection or because your computer's speed may be a little slow. Adjusting the bandwidth setting can help. To adjust the bandwidth, click the  bandwidth icon at the top right of the video call window. Learn how to use the bandwidth setting.

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