Interpret G Suite Migrate error messages

You might encounter the following error codes and messages when using G Suite Migrate.

Data errors | Service errors | Migration errors | Crawl errors | Commit errors | Action errors | Bridge data errors | Bridge execution errors | Google connection errors | Bridge processing errors | ABBadRequest errors

Data errors

Error code Name Description
-1 CryptographicException

You might see this issue when trying to edit a template. The template doesn’t load.

To resolve the issue, choose an option: 

  • If you have the G Suite Migrate platform encryption key, uninstall the platform and manually clear out the ProgramData/AppBridge folder. Then, reinstall the platform. See Use the encryption key to recover data.
  • If you don't have the key, create new projects. Data encrypted with the old key is no longer accessible.
0 DisposalError An error occurred while removing unused resources.
1 NoDataReturned No data was returned from the provider. Check service host log for details.
2 UnexpectedDataAccessError An unexpected error occurred accessing the data provider.

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Service errors

Error code Name Description
8 NotRegistered No service could be found registered to the specified ID.
9 NotFound No service with the given name could be found within the available service manager.
10 NotUnique The service name does not uniquely define a request for a service.
11 TypeMismatch The located service does not match the expected type.
12 NotAvailable Service not available.
13 InitializationFailed The service was found, but could not be initialized.
14 ResourceUsageUnavailable Could not retrieve resources usage for a service.

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Migration errors

When you run a migration, you might see these errors in the execution log.

Error code Name Description
400 Bad Request There is data corruption in the source environment. The source data causing the issue is probably defective.

If you want to keep the data, analyze which objects are affected and move them manually to your G Suite account. For details on how to manually move objects, consult your source data documentation.

401 Unauthorized

G Suite Migrate doesn't have the required access to a source or target system.

During a Microsoft Exchange migration, you might see this error:

  • When you try to set up or use a connection—You don’t have permission to impersonate a user on Exchange or your Exchange credentials are expired or incorrect. To fix the problem, edit the connection and make sure the credentials are correct. Then, retry the Exchange connection.
  • In the execution logs for individual users—Usually means that impersonation rights granted to an admin are only valid for a subset of users (for example, a specific organizational unit), instead of all the users that you want to migrate.
403 Forbidden Either a G Suite service (such as Gmail or Google Drive) isn't enabled or you have exceeded your daily API quota levels.

Turn on the G Suite service in the Google Admin console. If the issue relates to quotas, apply for a higher quota level in the Google Cloud Platform Console. Or, wait until the following day to proceed.

410, 5xx Gone Transient errors.

Run a delta migration. If the error persists, contact G Suite support.

429 Too Many Requests

The migration is overloading a source or target system with too many requests.

Determine which service is overloaded and, if possible, increase the service limits.

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Crawl errors

Error code Name Description
512 CouldNotFindConnection The connection to be crawled couldn't be located.
513 CouldNotFindEndpoint The endpoint for crawled data couldn't be located.
514 CouldNotFindBridgeDataService The configured bridge data service couldn't be located.
515 CouldNotFindEvaluator The specified handler for evaluation of crawler criteria couldn't be located.
516 CouldNotInitializeCrawl Could not initialize crawl.
517 CouldNotStartCrawl Could not start the crawl.
518 CrawlRequestFailed A request failed during crawling.
519 UnexpectedError An unexpected error occurred during the operation of a crawl.

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Commit errors

Error code Name Description
1024 StateInitializationFailed Existing commit state couldn't be initialized.
1025 InvalidResponseId Commit response service is invalid.
1026 StateCrawlRequestFailed A request failed during target connection discovery.
1027 RequiredPriorElementFailed A required prior element couldn't be committed.
1028 RequiredPathIllegal The required parent object failed.
1029 RequiredParentPathFailed The required parent object failed.
1030 UnexpectedErrorDuringCommit

An error occurred while evaluating the transaction's dependencies: {1}{0}{2}.

The placeholders in the error message expect the following values:

  • The object type of the transaction
  • The property of the object
  • The parameter value
1031 CommitServiceClosed The commit service isn't available to process requests.

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Action errors

Error code Name Description
4420 InvalidConfiguration The specified configuration doesn't match the action type.
4421 ActionDoesNotExist The action specified doesn't exist.
4422 ActionTypeDoesNotExist The type of action configured isn't available.
4423 UnexpectedError An unexpected error occurred when executing an action.
4424 ActionDoesNotSupportSettings The action doesn't support generic dictionaries for settings. The configuration info must be passed explicitly.
4425 AgentsNotAvailable Agents required by this action aren't running or otherwise unavailable.
4426 ActionIsNotLicensed The action isn't licensed for this platform.
4427 ResourceUsageUnavailable Couldn't retrieve resources usage for an action.
4428 ErrorOccurredClaimingAction An error occurred while attempting to claim an action.
4429 ErrorOccurredCancelingAction An error occurred while canceling an action.
4430 ErrorOccurredLaunchingAction An error occurred while attempting to launch an action.
4431 ErrorOccurredNotifiyingLaunchResult An error occurred attempting to notify the action queue of a launch result.
4432 ErrorOccurredRetrievingActionQueueState Failed to retrieve the action queue state for crash recovery.
4433 ErrorOccurredRetrievingAllActionCheckpoints Failed to retrieve any action checkpoints for crash recovery.
4434 ErrorOccurredRetrievingIndividualActionCheckpoint Failed to retrieve an individual action checkpoint for crash recovery.
4435 ErrorOccurredRestoringActionQueue Crash recovery of the action queue failed.
4436 ErrorOccurredRestoringAction An error occurred attempting to restore an action during crash recovery.

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Bridge data errors

Error code Name Description
5000 CouldNotGetSerializedData A serialized element couldn't be loaded for the given transaction.
5001 BridgeObjectDoesNotExist No object with the specified ID could be found.

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Bridge execution errors

Error code Name Description
7000 UnexpectedActionWaitFailure An unexpected error occurred when waiting for actions.
7001 GeneratorNotificationMissing The generation action completed without signaling the creation of partitions.
7002 PartitionCloningFailure An error occurred while cloning partitions.
7003 MappingValueInvalid An error occurred while cloning partitions.

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Google connection errors

Error code Name Description
50000 InheritedPermissionNotFound The permission was expected to be inherited, but was not detected. The transaction failed to ensure that the permission was inherited.
50001 GoogleUploadTimeout There was a timeout while uploading a file.
50002 GoogleServiceUnavailable The Google service is not available.
50003 TemporaryFolderCreationFailed Could not provision a temporary folder for the creation of data with an unknown parent.
50004 ExistingDocumentHandlingFailed Information from an existing document couldn't be copied to the replacement file.
50005 GoogleQueryFail An error occurred while running the query.
50006 GrantSharingRightFailed

The sharing right being added didn't correspond to a Google Account. Sharing with this user requires that email notifications are allowed.

To do this, enable Allow email invitations in the settings template. 

50007 DomainDoesNotAllowSharingRight The requested sharing right isn't allowed by the domain. For help, contact your domain administrator.
50008 WriteAccessDenied Unable to assign write access for the modifying user.
50009 DomainTransferFileCopyFailed The domain transfer file copy couldn't be completed.
50010 MetadataUpdateFailed An error occurred finalizing metadata.
50011 RenameFileFail An error occurred when renaming the file.
50012 SetModifiedFailed The last modified date couldn't be set.
50013 InsertParentFail Adding the parent folder reference failed.
50014 SyncPermissionsFail Failed to synchronize permissions.
50015 ICalConflictsWithUnknownEvent The imported event's iCal ID conflicts with an existing but unknown event.
50016 NoSuperAdminsWithCalendarAccess No super administrator accounts have the Google Calendar service enabled. For more information, read the Calendar resources–Super administrator accounts watchpoint in the Watchpoints table. 

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Bridge processing errors

Error code Name Description
60000 ProcessingHalted Processing of bridge transactions halted.
60001 CouldNotStartTransaction The transaction for the given element couldn't be started.
60002 TransactionMissing The processed transaction couldn't be found in the transaction index.
60003 NoTypeMappingDefined No type mapping was defined for the given type.
60004 NoProcessingStepsDefined No processing steps were defined for the given type.
60005 InvalidTransactionState The transaction wasn't in the expected state.
60006 DeferralFailed A required prior transaction failed.
60007 TransactionsHalted No transactions have changed state within the defined window.
60008 BridgeHalted The bridge was halted prior to the completion of the transactions.
60009 DeferralConditionsExhausted All known deferral conditions for this transaction have been resolved, but the element can't be written.
60010 InvalidBridgeConfiguration Invalid bridge configuration caused an error.

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ABBadRequest errors

Error code Name Description
1048577 NoResponse No response service was provided.
1048578 Unauthorized The connector isn't authorized for that request.
1048580 MissingRequestType No request type was defined for this request element.
1048584 TooManyRequestTypes Only one request type may be specified for a single object fetch.
1048592 LocationNotFound

No object was found at the specified location.

If you're migrating from Microsoft SharePoint, make sure you've created a location list that includes the affected location. Then, add the list to your connection. 

1048608 LocationTypeMismatch The object found at the specified location was not of the expected type.
1048640 ReadOnlyType The request type does not allow write operations.
1048704 TooManyResponses The request returned a collection when a single value was expected.
1048832 RequestConversionError Type conversion failed for this request.
1049088 SerializationError Could not serialize converted type objects.
1049600 ResponseRoutingError The response service received an unexpected request.
1050624 ConnectionUnavailable The requested connection is unavailable.
1052672 DispatchFailed The intended response service was initially found, but the request could not be dispatched.
1056768 TryAgainLater The request could not be completed at this time. You should try again later.
1064960 WriteOnlyType  
1081344 InvalidWriteContext The request could not be written in the current context.
1114112 InvalidElementData The supplied element did not specify required data.
1310720 DataRequestFailed

A request for additional data failed. 

You might see this error if you're trying to migrate files from SharePoint that are larger than 2 GB.

Make sure that the node servers have sufficient space available. The nodes must have more free space than the size of the largest file you're migrating. For more details on SharePoint file sizes, go to Large items.

1572864 RequestInvalidated The requesting service was invalidated.
2097152 UnexpectedException

An internal connector error occurred. You might see this error if you have more than the maximum number of display lookup columns defined for a SharePoint list.

3145728 InvalidRequest An internal connector error occurred.
5242880 InvalidAction A request for an unrecognized action was sent to a connector. You might see this if you have mismatched versions of platform and nodes, and a new action is sent to an old node.
9437184 SkippedByContext A transaction has been skipped. It has been marked with this code for identification purposes. 
17825792 WarnedByContext The request could not be completed. Some data might not have been written correctly.
34603008 InvalidImport The specified import string was invalid.
68157440 ResolvedByContext A request was made to change an object that already exists and is unable to be changed. No action was taken.

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If there’s a problem that you cannot resolve, contact G Suite support. For details, see the section Still need help? in Troubleshoot G Suite Migrate.

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