Get ready to go live

After you successfully migrate all of your phases, you’re almost ready to go live in your new G Suite domain. Before you complete your migration to G Suite, you need to migrate any recently added or modified content. You can transfer the new content by running a delta migration.

What is a delta migration?

A delta migration is run after the main migration, just before you’re ready to transition to G Suite. The delta identifies and migrates any new content and skips over objects that are already migrated. 

Running a delta on an existing bridge is more efficient than creating a new bridge. On a new bridge, G Suite Migrate reads every file to ensure it doesn’t create any duplicates. This creates significant load on target APIs and results in a slower migration.

A delta migration is also different from retrying failures, when G Suite Migrate reattempts to migrate items that didn’t migrate on a previous run. It doesn’t check for updates to the source data. Delta migrations include a step to retry failed transactions, so if you run a delta, you don’t need to also retry failures. For details, go to Retry failed transactions

Run a delta bridge

Make sure you use the same bridge for migrating data.

  1. In the G Suite Migrate platform, click Bridges. You might have to click Menu "" first.
  2. On a bridge that you have already run or partially run, click Run ""and thenRun delta.

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