Use a settings template

You use a settings template to determine what types of content to migrate and how the data appears after a migration.

About default or customized or templates

A default settings template autoselects the most common migration options. It's the simplest option to use as you don't need to make decisions about how you want your data to appear in your new domain. 

You can also customize your own template. A custom template allows you to pick and choose the services you want to migrate. It gives you additional options for configuring what data is migrated and how the data appears in your target domain.

View or customize the default settings template

  1. In the G Suite Migrate platform, click Settings templates. You might have to click Menu Menu first.
  2. Under Default, point to the settings template that matches your source type and click Template Template.
  3. Review the default options for the settings template and choose an option:
    • If you don’t change any settings, click Cancel.
    • If you make changes to the settings, click Create new template. Enter a name and click Create.

Delete a custom settings template

You can’t delete a default template or a template associated with an existing bridge.

  1. Click Settings templates. You might have to click Menu Menu first.
  2. Under Custom templates, next to the template, check the box.
  3. Click Delete Delete and then Yes.

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