Authorize your client ID

Next, authorize your service account’s client ID.

  1. In your Google Admin console, click Securityand thenAPI controls.
  2. Under Domain-wide delegation, click MANAGE DOMAIN-WIDE DELEGATION.

  3. On the Manage domain-wide delegation page, click Add new.

  4. Under Client ID, enter your service account's client ID.

    Make sure you use the service account client ID, not the OAuth Web client ID​. You can find the service account client ID in the JSON file you downloaded when you created the G Suite service account. Alternatively, you can find the client ID in the Google Cloud Platform Console. Click IAM & Adminand thenService accounts, then select your service account. 

  5. Under OAuth scopes, copy and paste the following comma-separated list of scopes:,,,,

  6. Click AUTHORIZE.

    If you get an error, the client ID might not be registered with Google or there might be duplicate or unsupported scopes. The app should be available for use within an hour, but might take up to 24 hours.

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