Guide to Software Release 7.6.360

This document describes features that are new or changed since release 7.6.250.

Google Search Appliance release 7.6.360 updates are available for the G100 and G500. For a list of new, fixed, previous, and closed issues for software release 7.6.360, refer to the release notes. Both the software updates and the release notes are available at the Google Cloud Support site, (login required).

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New and changed features

The following sections describe new and changed features in software release 7.6.360:

Recover document IDs

In release 7.6.360, if the GSA gets close to the limit of doc IDs, you see the warning, "The system has reached ...% of its capacity to index new documents. Please contact customer support for assistance." Contact Google Cloud Support. The support team can run a script to recover and reuse deleted doc IDs so the GSA does not exceed its limit.

Previously, when the total number of doc IDs exceeded the maximum for the platform, you would see a "Run out of local doc ids" error and crawling stopped.

Documents with 404 errors are not included in dynamic navigation

In release 7.6.360, documents removed from search because of an HTTP 404 error are not counted in dynamic navigation. Previously, even though a document was removed from search, its metadata was not deleted and showed up in dynamic navigation.

Upgraded file format converter

Release 7.6.360 integrates updates to the file format converter, which converts various file formats so the GSA can index their content. This new version significantly improves Korean, Japanese, and Chinese PDF conversions. You can switch to the previous version of the converter in the Admin Console.

To revert to the previous version of the converter, go to the Index > Index Settings page. Under File Format Converter Settings, uncheck the Use Latest File Format Converter box.

Support for Apache Tomcat version 8.5

Release 7.6.360 integrates the latest version of Apache Tomcat.

Postscript files not supported

In release 7.6.360, the GSA no longer supports postscript files.

Deprecated features

Features marked as “Deprecated” will be removed in a future release. In release 7.6.250, “Deprecated” features are still supported.


In GSA release 7.6.50, support for SSLv3 was deprecated. It continues to be deprecated in release 7.6.360 and will be removed in a future release.

GSA Unification

In GSA release 7.6, GSA Unification was deprecated. It continues to be deprecated in release 7.6.360 and will be removed in a future release.

Release 7.6.360 documentation

Google Search Appliance documentation is available from the GSA help center. Search appliance troubleshooting and deployment documentation, as well as copies of Admin Console help, are also available from the GSA help center.

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Supported browsers and third-party software

Google has certified the browsers and third-party products in the following table for use with software release 7.6.360.

Category Product Name and Version
Browsers Google Chrome (which automatically updates whenever it detects that a new version of the browser is available)
Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 8 and above in standard mode
Mozilla Firefox current and previous major releases
The Admin Console supports Safari 5.1 only; search supports Safari 5.1 and later
Network infrastructure HTTP 1.1
Network Time Protocol (NTP) servers 3.0 and higher
(Single sign-on)
Computer Associates SiteMinder 6.0, Policy Server and Web Agent
Oracle Access Manager 7.0.4 (formerly Oblix)
Cams by Cafesoft, version 3.0
Web servers Apache
Netscape Enterprise
Microsoft Internet Information Server
XSLT EXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformations: XSLT 2.0
XML Path Language: XPath 1.0

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