Some search results do not have previews


GSA does not show previews for some (or all) search results on a front end.

Troubleshooting Steps:

  1. Verify that document preview generation has been enabled on the Search > Search Features > Document Preview Module page.
  2. Verify that showing document previews has been enabled on the front end you are using.

    Please refer to this help page for more information on enabling preview generation and showing previews.

  3. Verify that the document has been re-crawled since preview generation was enabled (it has "Crawled: new version" status in Crawl History part of Index Diagnostics page).
  4. Verify that the document has Preview Status: READY in Index Diagnostics.

    Please note that documents with status NOT STARTED YET are still in the queue for preview generation, as preview generation is slower than indexing. It might take some time for the GSA to process the preview generation queue.

  5. If the document in question is a PDF and has Preview Status: READY - but preview is still not being shown - verify that the document does not have copyright protection (document has printing, copying, and editing enabled).

    Please note that as mentioned in this document, "Only documents without copyright protection (documents with printing, copying, and editing enabled) will show cached versions and document previews."

  6. Verify that the document in question in Index Diagnostics does not have meta tag "robots" with a value of "noarchive".

    GSA does not show cached versions or previews for documents with this meta tag.

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