Google Analytics Integration

Analyzing Your Data

With the use of GA standard or custom reports you can bring together these various metrics and present them without the need for further processing. But before you even create reports, it’s important to determine what metrics are important—what are your key performance indicators (KPIs)?

Some typical KPIs for Enterprise Search are:

  • % of Visitors that Searched
  • # of Searches per Visit
  • # of Searches per Day/Week/Month
  • # of Searches that returned 0 (or very few) results
  • # of clicks on first page results
  • # of pageviews past first page of results

These are just a few—there are many other metrics that may be important, depending on your scenario.


For an eCommerce deployment, KPIs would typically be tied to revenue—but conversion rates don’t necessarily need to be tied to dollar amounts. Checkouts & Purchases are just one type of “Goal”— they provide good metrics that can be tied to revenue, but any action on the site can be considered a goal.

This often-overlooked section in Google Analytics can be configured to track certain well-defined goals. Often used for eCommerce transaction tracking, you can also set up goals to measure when a specific page is reached or when a user subscribes to a newsletter or submits a ticket.

For more on Goals, see Set up Goals.

Comparing groups of users

Another useful way of viewing reports is to compare one group of users versus another. For search, you might start with viewing users that performed a search vs. those that didn’t. This is accomplished in Google Analytics reports by using Advanced Segments.

Here’s a simple report with two custom advanced segments, one for visits with Site Search, one for visits that did not use site search. When applied to the Pages/Visit report you can see that users that searched were much more engaged on the site.

Advanced Segments can be created to utilize Events and Custom Variables, so you can compare trends or goals for users based on how they utilized search.

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