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August 2014

This paper is a guide to creating the Google Search Appliance user experience. The success of your deployment depends not only on the breadth and depth of search, but also on how satisfying and effective the search experience is for users. The aim of this guide is to share the many things you can do to drive user satisfaction and increase use of the search solution.

The recommendations and information in this document were gathered through our work with a variety of clients and environments in the field. We thank our customers and partners for sharing their experiences and insights.

What’s covered This paper discusses tools for enhancing the search experience, such as selecting the appropriate presentation method and enabling various different GSA features to enhance and improve the user experience.
Primary audience First-time and experienced GSA administrators, as well as developers and web designers tasked with creating the search user interface and experience.
IT environment Google Search Appliance.
Deployment phases Initial and ongoing configuration of the GSA user experience.
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