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June 2016

Security is a key consideration when designing and implementing solutions that integrate data from different sources for enterprise search. This can be one of the most complex things to deal with in these projects, especially on the Intranet side, where security is usually a strong requirement. It's important to allocate enough quality time to this area.

This paper provides insights into considerations for modeling security requirements and transforming them into the ultimate solution. It's important to understand the project's needs from the beginning, because security is one of the areas that is more difficult to change in the project after you've started implementing new phases.

The recommendations and information in this document were gathered through our work with a variety of clients and environments in the field. We thank our customers and partners for sharing their experiences and insights.

What's covered This paper reviews all the implementation options with the Google Search Appliance (GSA), to help you better understand the security protocols the product supports. This paper complements the GSA product documentation, so you will find references to the product documents, where you can find detailed descriptions about how to configure features.
Primary audience This guide is intended for anyone who is involved in an enterprise search project who has to deal with security requirements either by collecting them, designing the project, or implementing the eventual solution. These are the roles in the project that can benefit from going through this paper:
  • Project manager
  • Technical project manager
  • Developer
  • GSA administrator
IT environment GSA configured with various authentication and authorization mechanisms for secure search.
Deployment phases Designing the security configuration for the GSA.
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