Deployment Architectures

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August 2014

The Google Search Appliance (GSA) provides a number of features to allow its deployment into a variety of architectures to meet diverse requirements for high-availability, throughput and content scale. This paper provides guidelines for using these architectural features as well as other supporting deployment components, to design an appropriate GSA solution architecture.

The recommendations and information in this document were gathered through our work with a variety of clients and environments in the field. We thank our customers and partners for sharing their experiences and insights.

What’s covered This paper describes some examples of typical deployment architectures and how the GSA can be deployed to handle the needs of a large, performance heavy and failure intolerant user community.
Roles and Responsibilities
  • Network administrators: Confirm network capability and availability to handle the traffic the different configurations might impose on the corporate network.
  • Content owners: Broker access to the various content sources the GSA will need to access to facilitate crawl, index, and search.
IT environment GSA, SNMP, load balancer, network switch, search proxy server
Deployment phases Deployment planning
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