Getting the Most from Your Google Search Appliance

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Google Search Appliance Administration Checklist

The following table provides an checklist of common activities for administering the Google Search Appliance. To read about a specific activity, refer to the section listed in the table.


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Planning for providing universal search for your users and installing a Google Search Appliance on your network


Installing a Google Search Appliance and configuring it to communicate with other computers on your network

Installing and Configuring a Search Appliance 

Setting up two Google Search Appliances for load balancing and failover

Configuring Search Appliances for Load Balancing or Failover 

Setup administrator and manager accounts for the Google Search Appliance

Creating User Accounts 

Configuring a search appliance to create an index by crawling public content, such as web pages and file shares

Crawling Public Content 

Configuring a search appliance to crawl controlled-access (secure) content

Crawling and Serving Controlled-Access Content 

Using a connector to enable a search appliance to index content in an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system

Indexing Content in Non-Web Repositories 

Using a feed to enable a search appliance to index content that cannot be found through links on crawled web pages

Indexing Hard-to-Find Content 

Configuring a search appliance to crawl database content

Indexing Database Content 

Configuring a search appliance to discover interesting entities in documents with missing or poor metadata and store these entities in the search index.

Indexing Entities 

Creating a framework for deploying one or more search experiences

Using Front Ends 

Enabling a search appliance to present specific URLs to the top of search results

Forcing Specific Documents to the Top of Search Results 

Enabling a search appliance to show alternative search terms above search results

Suggesting Alternative Search Terms along with Results 

Enabling a search appliance to show groups of similar results above search results

Grouping Search Results by Topic 

Enabling a search appliance to return expert profile information with keyword searches

Displaying Expert Profiles with Search Results 

Enabling a search appliance to return real-time, structured data with search results

Providing Real-Time Connectivity to Business Applications 

Enabling a search appliance to restrict results by language, file type, web site, and/or meta tags

Restricting Search Results 

Enabling a search appliance to expand queries automatically and providing your own synonyms for query expansion

Controlling Automatic Searching of Synonyms 

Influencing the order of documents in search results

Influencing Results Rankings 

Dividing the search index into meaningful segments that improve searches

Segmenting the Index 

Enabling users to enhance the search experience collaboratively by adding search results for certain keyword searches

Providing User Results 

Enabling users to create email alerts for topics of interest

Enabling User Alerts 

Enabling a search appliance to display translations of search results

Displaying Translations of Search Results 

Enabling your users to search by entering a word pattern rather than the exact spelling of a term

Enabling Wildcard Search 

Enabling a search appliance to show document previews in search results

Showing Document Previews in Search Results 

Creating a user interface that focuses on your users

Customizing the User Interface 

Exporting and analyzing data about user clicks

Collecting Metrics about User Clicks 

Choosing languages for front ends, search results, and query expansion

Using Language Options 

Controlling search results and manipulating XML-formatted results

Controlling Results with the Search Protocol 

Writing applications to feed hard-to-find content into the index

Writing Applications with the Feeds Protocol 

Enabling a Google Search Appliance to work with your existing security infrastructure

Integrating with an Existing Access-Control Infrastructure 

Writing a custom connector for indexing content in unsupported non-web repositories

Developing Custom Connectors 

Enhancing the search experience with experimental features

"Monitoring a Search Appliance"

Monitoring crawling, serving, and your search appliance

Monitoring a Search Appliance 

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