Getting the Most from Your Google Search Appliance


Like other software system deployments, planning is the first and most important phase. For deploying a universal search solution, the following planning activities can help make your deployment a success:

  • Capturing requirements for users, content and security, performance and scalability, and administration and reporting
  • Identifying deployment phases
  • Defining success criteria
  • Transitioning to “business as usual”

Google Search Appliance Notes from the Field

Google offers comprehensive information about deployment planning in the Google Search Appliance “Notes from the Field” ( These documents contain information about the following topics:

  • Getting started with deploying a search appliance
  • Updating and migrating a search appliance
  • Deployment architectures
  • Search solution design and planning
  • Security
  • User experience
  • Content integration
  • Deployment scenarios
  • Deployment governance and operational models
  • Administrative APIs
  • Google Analytics integration

Google recommends using the Google Search Appliance “Notes from the Field” ( as your primary resource when planning and deploying a search solution with the Google Search Appliance.

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