Replacing a Cooling Fan on G100

Use this document to replace a failed cooling fan in the Google Search Appliance G100. Before installation or removal of any hardware, always ensure that all data is backed up properly.

Contacting Customer Support

If you see that a cooling fan has failed, contact Google Customer Support to get authorization for a replacement fan to be sent to you. You can choose to replace the entire Google Search Appliance rather than replacing the failed unit.

You can contact Customer Support at To log into the Google Cloud Technical Support web site, use the name and password included in the email sent to your primary contact who placed your order.

Replacing a Failed Cooling Fan

This section describes how to replace a cooling fan on a G100.

To replace a cooling fan:

  1. Open the search appliance cover.
  2. Press the fan release tab on the failed cooling fan.

  3. Lift the cooling fan out of the cooling-fan assembly.

  4. Align the plug at the base of the new cooling fan with the connector on the system board.
  5. Slide the new cooling fan into the securing slots until the tabs lock into place.
  6. Close the search appliance.
  7. Reconnect the appliance to its electrical outlet.
  8. Turn on the appliance and all attached peripherals.
  9. Let system boot.
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