How to remove data from T4/U3 model before you return it to Google

Important: If you want to repurpose the search appliance, do not use these instructions. Instead see How to repurpose the appliance when the license expires.

If you want to return a T4/U3 model of the search appliance after its license expires, you can remove the Google software and data before shipping it back to Google.

Gx00 model (T4/U3)

The appliance ID of the T4/U3 model appliances starts with "T4-" or "U3-". The hardware of the T4/U3 model appliances is the Dell R720. To remove Google software, you should erase all the data on the appliance by initializing the virtual disks. Details about initializing virtual disks can be found in the document titled Dell PERC H710P User's Guide, in the section titled BIOS Configuration Utility. The document is available for download at Dell's support site.

The following procedure describes how to initialize the virtual disks:

  1. Press Alt-Ctrl-Delete keys to reboot the machine.
  2. Press Ctrl-R when prompted to enter the PERC H710P Mini BIOS Configuration Utility.
  3. On the VD Mgmt screen, select Virtual Disk 0 and press F2 to display the actions.
  4. From the action list, select Initialization, then Fast Init. Fast Init should finish in a few seconds.
  5. Initialize Virtual Disk 1, Virtual Disk 2, and Virtual Disk 3 with the Fast Init option as well.
  6. (Optional - execute this step only if you want to change the RAID configuration) Move up to the top item (controller level) and press F2. From the action list, select Clear Config to remove the RAID configuration of your appliance.
  7. (T4 model Only) Initialize Virtual Disk 4 with the Fast Init option.
  8. Press the Esc key to exit. You will be prompted to press Alt-Ctrl-Delete to reboot. Power off the appliance by pushing and holding the power button until the power is off.
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