Configure Connector Manager to Use An External DB

By default, the Connector Manager uses a Java-based H2 database to store its configuration and other data. However, there may be a need to optimize performance by using an external database.

When requesting a database for use from your DBA, a size estimate can be obtained using the guidelines found here:

The schema declarations can be found in the appropriate Java properties file: and

Please take into consideration the following steps as guidelines on setting up your Connector Manager to use an external database.

  1. Install a database server.
    1. The currently supported external database types are Oracle Database and Microsoft SQL Server.
  2. Create a blank database “dbname” with no tables to be used by the Connector Manager.
    1. There is no schema template to import nor are there any queries to run. The database schema is created by the connector.
  3. Create a user uname with full access to the database dbname.
  4. Install the Connector Manager.
  5. Configure the connector to connect to the database dbname. Modify the file <InstallRoot>/<InstallName>/Tomcat/webapps/connector-manager/WEB-INF/
    1. Find # Microsoft SQL Server JDBC DataSource configuration.
    2. Edit these three properties to provide the connection information. Escape any special characters. For example, if the user name is "domain\user", type in "domain\\user".
      The password needs to be encrypted and encoded.
    3. Find # SpiConstants.DatabaseType constants.
    4. Uncomment the following line and set the appropriate value.
      # jdbc.datasource.type=sqlserver
  6. Obtain the proper JDBC driver from the database vendor: Microsoft or Oracle. Google does not have the right to distribute the driver. Copy the single appropriate JDBC driver JAR into directory: <InstallRoot>/<ConnectorManager>/Tomcat/webapps/connector-manager/WEB-INF/lib
  7. Register the Connector Manager in the GSA Admin Console (if not already registered).
  8. Start (or restart) the Connector Manager service.
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