Network Interface status showing dropped packets starting in version 7: Google Search Appliance Help

Summary: In some instances the Network Interface status output can show dropped RX packets on version 7 of the GSA.

Cause: A Linux kernel change incorporated into the 7.x versions of the GSA has changed the meaning of a dropped packet. Now when a packet is received without a protocol handler the rx_drop count is incremented. This means that some device on the network is sending packets the kernel doesn't understand and while in previous kernels this was silently dropped, now it is counted. This can lead one into thinking there is an issue with the GSA when this is in fact intended behavior.

Troubleshooting Steps: To verify that the Linux kernel change is the reason for the dropped packets:

  1. Take note of the dropped packet count and rate of increase.
  2. Perform a packet capture for a duration of time.
  3. Check the new values of the dropped packet count.

During the duration of the capture, the dropped packet count should not increase (because the packets are no-longer being dropped, they are being captured).

Versions affected: 7.x

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