LED lights on a T4/T5 or U3/U4 series GSA

Summary: How to interpret LED lights on a T4/T5 (G100) or U3/U4 (G500) series Google Search Appliance


When there's a possible hardware issue, one or more LED lights on the chassis will turn orange.

Here's the description of the LED lights and what the different colors indicate:

LED error chart

Other LEDs around the device:

Power supply unit (PSU)


Back of case System identification (i)

The identification buttons on the front and back panels can be used to locate a particular system within a rack. When one of these buttons is pressed, the LCD panel on the front and the system status indicator on the back flashes until one of the buttons is pressed again.

Note: Do NOT hold down these buttons as it may render unexpected behavior.

Network Interface (NIC) Activity indicator (right) When the LED is blinking green, there is activity on the line and data is flowing between the Google Search Appliance and the network.
  Link indicator (left) When the LED is amber, speed is negotiated to 10 or 100 Mbps.

When the LED is green, speed is connected at 1Gbps or 10Gbps.

When the LED is not lit, there is no link to the network (not connected).

Action: Contact Enterprise Support and submit a picture (if possible) and description of the LED lights.

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