How can I migrate my settings from an existing GSA to a new GSA

Question: How can I migrate my settings from an existing GSA to a new GSA?

Answer: In order to migrate the settings of your old GSA to a newer one, you will need to utilize the Import/Export functionality of the GSA. The index is not included with the export, so if you wish to migrate the index as well, you will have to configure the new GSA as a mirror of the existing GSA.  If you wish to migrate the index as well, then it is best to update the current GSA to the same version as the new GSA prior to exporting the configuration.

Note: licenses are machine specific, and will not be included in the import/export. Your new GSA will have its own license.


  1. In order to mirror the appliances, they must both be the same version.
  2. You can import a GSA configuration file into a newer version of the GSA, but cannot import it into an older GSA version.

Steps to import/export settings:

  1. Navigate to "Administration > Import/Export"
  2. Enter and confirm the passphrase for the file (must be 8 characters long)
  3. Click "Export Configuration"
  4. On the new GSA, navigate to "Administration > Import/Export"
  5. Click "Choose File" and select the exported file from the third step
  6. Enter the passphrase you used creating the exported configuration file
  7. Click "Import Configuration"

How to mirror the GSA and migrate the index: Follow the instructions listed under Configuring GSA Mirroring. Once the index sync has completed, you can unmirror the GSAs and begin serving and crawling from the new GSA. You can check on the sync status in the Administrative Console under "GSA^n > Network Diagnostics" page on the master GSA.

Additional Information:  

Administrative console help article for Import/Export

Administrative console help article for GSA^n

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