Red status shows in GSA^n Network Diagnostics after configuring mirroring

Summary: The Admin Console page GSA^n > Network Diagnostics shows red status in Connection status of nodes in the GSAn network.

Cause: The cause and fix depend on what cell is red in the status table.

  • Ping Status is red: This is the lowest level of communication layers, it shows that the the search appliances are not reachable from each other. This could be due to a misconfigured switch or router, bad cable, incorrect or no route added, firewall vlan setting, or a misconfigured search appliance. Recheck the GSA^n configuration and consult with your network team to investigate why the search appliances are unable to access the each other.
  • Tunnel Status is red: The IPSec tunnel is not properly started between the search appliances. This most likely happens when a firewall is blocking the IPSec transactions required for mirroring. Please make sure that the requirements described in About Security are completely satisfied in your environment.
  • Application Connection Status is red: Most likely the mirroring service did not start properly on the search appliances. Please disable and re-configure mirroring. If this does not resolve, please contact Google Support.
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