Search with daterange parameter does not return results

Summary: Searching with the daterange parameter by itself or with other parameters doesn't return any results.


  • No search terms are specified apart from the daterange parameter. The datarange parameter cannot be used by itself or only with other parameters.
  • The documents matching the query may not have dates associated.


  • Add a search term to the query. For example, searching for:


    would not return any result. A search term is required for search results to be returned, for example:

    kitty daterange:2008-01-20..2009-01-20

  • The documents matching the search term do not have dates associated. See How Are Document Dates Handled, also refer to the Document Dates help page for details regarding how to make sure correct dates are associated with indexed documents.

Additional Information: See explanation for the daterange parameter in Search Protocol documentation.

See also date sorting help article for how to check whether an indexed document has associated date information.

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