Search result links need to point to a different URL

Summary: You want to modify the results links so that either the host name of the content server or the entire URL is different from the one crawled by the search appliance.

Cause: In some situations, you may want to use a different host name or URL for the result links instead of the one that is crawled by search appliance.


Here are some ways to workaround the issue:
  • Use Display URL feature in feeds.
  • Modify the default XSLT code in the Admin Console for the frontend you are using. This is located on the Front Ends > Output Format page under XSLT Stylesheet Editor. When you are modifying the default XSLT look for "A single result (do not customize)" section of the code and modify it as needed.
  • Create you own front end server. This will require more work on your side and an additional server. However, this will allow you to control any element of the result pages. Please review XML Format for more details about each element in the XML results and Customizing the User Interface and Advanced Customization Topics for more details on customizing front ends.
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