Backlog count is high (5-10k) and increasing

Summary: The Crawl and Index > Feeds page reports a large (5-10 thousand or more) and increasing value for feeds backlog.

Cause: A high backlog is likely caused by a large number of feeds being sent to the search appliance.

Troubleshooting Steps:

  1. Determine the number of feeds you are sending to the search appliance and how many records are contained in each feed file.  Graphs on the Crawl and Index > Feeds page provide a good overview of the feed load over the last few hours.
  2. Stop the feed process.
  3. Clear the feed backlog by clicking Reset feeds. This irreversibly deletes all unprocessed feeds from the GSA.
  4. Start the feed process again with a lighter load  and fewer feed files.
  5. If the backlog count is not decreasing regardless of the load please contact support as the issue is likely caused by a software problem.
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