Search result pages different after update

Summary: After updating the software on the search appliance, custom front end does not produce the same result pages.

Cause: For each new version, there will be new features or fixes added to the default front end which may not be compatible with older front end versions. Therefore, old custom front ends may not work as expected.

Troubleshooting steps:

  1. On the Admin Console page Search > Search Features > Front Ends, create a new front end using the default settings. Do not modify the XSLT code.
  2. Try to reproduce the search result issue on the newly created front end.
  3. If you can reproduce the same issue, open a case with Google Cloud Support.
  4. If you cannot reproduce the same issue, this means your custom XSLT code is causing the issue.
  5. How to find the error in your custom front end:
    • Create a new front end from the old GSA version, as in step one (if that is not possible, open a new case with Google Cloud Support to obtain one from a specific version) and export it using the Export button on the Admin Console page Search > Search Features > Front Ends > Output Format.
    • Export the XSLT code from the new front end that uses the new version and compare the XSLT code from both versions to find out what changed.
    • Modify the custom XSLT code for the new version based on what you found out in previous step.

Additional Information: Migrating a Customized XSLT Stylesheet to a New Software Release

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