Index Diagnostics error: "Retrying URL: Connection closed by server"

Summary: Index > Diagnostics > Index Diagnostics page in Admin Console shows "Retrying URL: Connection closed by server" error for several URLs the search appliance has attempted to crawl.

Cause: The search appliance is unable to reach the destination URL due to network issues.

Troubleshooting: To confirm the issue, try either of the following options:

  • Perform a manual fetch of the problematic URL on the Admin Console page Content Sources > Diagnostics > Real-time Diagnostics > Manual fetch request. You should receive an error "Retrying URL: Connection closed by server".
  • Perform a packet capture on the Admin Console using the page Secure Search > Real-time diagnostics > Run packet capture(tcpdump). Analyze the packet capture to check whether the content server responds to the search appliance's requests.

Fix: As this is a network issue, please contact your network team to fix the problem.

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