Forms authentication rule creation fails due to certificate issue

Summary:  After configuring Forms Authentication rule, the Admin Console shows the error: Certificate chain verification failed. For CAs with CRLs: there were no CAs with CRLs.; For CAs without CRLs: algorithm check failed: MD2withRSA is disabled

Cause:  Root certificate of the content server is signed with MD2 Algorithm.

Troubleshooting: To determine if the root certificate is signed with the MD2 Algorithm follow these steps: 

  1. Run the command "openssl s_client -connect <host_name>:443 </dev/null > out.txt 2>&1"  
  2. In the above "out.txt" file check whether the signature algorithm is "md2WithRSAEncryption".

Fix: Replace the root certificate on your content server with a certificate signed with SHA1 Algorithm.  





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