Administrative console times out


When making configuration changes, the Administrative Console times out


There are two possible issues that may cause this:

  1. A DNS server configured on the appliance is not reachable, which incurs the slow response from the administrative console. The administrative console sometimes runs DNS queries, and the interface is waiting for the query to timeout.
  2. You have configured the Admin NIC feature and both interfaces are on the same subnet (i.e. &

Troubleshooting Steps:

  1. Open the Network Settings page under Administration in the administrative console, click "Update Settings and Perform Diagnostics. Make sure DNS resolves correctly.
  2. Connect to the Network and System Settings wizard on port :1111 and check the IP addresses, subnets and default gateways assigned to the primary and dedicated admin NIC network ports.


  1. If DNS does not resolve, make sure you have specified the correct DNS servers. Additionally, ensure the DNS servers are accesible over the network from the GSA by consulting your network administrator.
  2. For IP addresses on the same sub net while using Admin NIC, please reconfigure one of the two ports to be on a separate subnet via connecting to the Network and System Settings wizard on port :1111.

Additional Information:

Help Center - Network Settings.

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