Export your Groups data

If you're signed in to a work or school account, the options you see might be different. To learn more, contact your administrator.

You can export and download your data from Google Groups. You can download data that hasn't been deleted. You can create an archive to keep for your records or use the data in another service. Learn how to download your data.

If you’re a super administrator of your Google domain, you can download or migrate your organization’s data. Learn how to export your organization’s data. If you’re using a work or school account, some data might not be available for download.

What data gets exported?

Information about you

Exported data includes activity you performed in groups on googlegroups.com or in your domain (if you’re using a work or school account):

  • Email templates
  • Links to favorite messages
  • Links to favorite groups
  • Links to recent activity:
    • Recently posted-to groups
    • Recently viewed groups
    • Recently posted-to conversations
    • Recently viewed conversations
    • Recent searches
Information about groups you own

Exported data includes information about each group you own on googlegroups.com or in your domain (if you’re using a work or school account):

  • Archived threads and messages with Google Groups-specific labels
  • Pending messages
  • The group's topic tags and categories
  • Membership info containing:
    • Member's email
    • Display name for the group
    • When their membership last changed
    • If the member is an owner, manager, or member

    This data includes information for users banned from the group, invited to the group, or with a pending request to join the group.

  • Group information containing:
    • The group's name
    • Email address
    • Description
    • Auto replies
    • Footer text
    • Subject prefix
    • Welcome message
    • Custom reply
    • Message deny notification

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