I'm not receiving my group's emails

If you've stopped getting email from your group, you may have changed your subscription option to "Web only." To start receiving email again, go to the group's homepage, click the "My Settings" button, and then click "Membership and Email settings." There, you'll see your current subscription settings for this group; make sure you haven't selected the "No email" option. Make changes if you need to, and then click the "Save these settings" button.

It's also possible that the emails are getting caught by your system's spam or bulk mail filter. If you know your subscription settings are correct, you may want to check your spam or bulk folders to see if the emails are there.

Another option is that your email service provider is blocking all mail from Google Groups. We work with email service providers to remove blocks as they occur. When a block is lifted, all of the mail that was held during the block will be delivered, so you may see a surge of email. Please note that email blocks for some service providers occur frequently. We are working on methods of preventing these blocks and resolving them more quickly in the future. We appreciate your patience during a block.

A final suggestion you may want to try is to subscribe to this group using a different email account. We suggest using an email account hosted by an alternate provider, as this problem may be related to your current email service provider.

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