Use keyboard shortcuts in Google Groups

You can use keyboard shortcuts to move quickly through Google Groups.


View the navigation tree h
Enter full-screen mode f


Cancel an action or close a dialog Esc
Mark all as read Shift + a
Reply a
Create a topic c
Mark the selected post x
Star the selected post s
Search /


Create group g then c
Go to group g then l
Go to My groups g then m
Go to starred g then s


Open topic; expand or collapse post o
Older topic j
Older unread topic Shift + j
Newer topic k
Newer unread topic Shift + k
Next post n
Next unread post Shift + n
Previous post p
Previous unread post Shift + p
Back to topic list u
Scroll one page down Space
Page down
Scroll one page up Shift + Space
Page up
Scroll up Up arrow
Scroll down Down arrow
Scroll to top of the display Home
Scroll to bottom of the display End


Open or close keyboard shortcut list ?


To use single-letter keyboard shortcuts on a screen reader with different modes, use focus mode (for NVDA) or turn off the virtual cursor (for JAWS).

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