Leave a group or unsubscribe from emails

If you're signed in to a work or school account, the options you see might be different. To learn more, contact your administrator.

If you no longer want to participate in a group or receive the group’s emails, you have 2 options:

  • Unsubscribe from getting email from the group—You’re still a member of the group, but you no longer receive emails when there’s activity.
  • Leave the group—After you take this action, you can no longer access the group if it's not public.

Unsubscribe from a group

You can stop getting emails from a group by changing your settings or leaving the group.

  1. Sign in to Google Groups.
  2. Locate the group you wantand then choose an option:
    • To stay in the group but stop getting emails, under Subscription, click the displayed optionand thenselect No email.
    • To leave the group and stop getting emails, click Leave group ""and thenYes, leave group.

Problems leaving a group

If you’re signed in to a work or school account, you can't leave any group that your administrator has set to include all members.

If you tried to unsubscribe from receiving any emails and still get unwanted emails, try these solutions:

  • Make sure you unsubscribed using the same email address that gets the group emails.
  • Check whether the emails are forwarded from another address.
  • Make sure you’re not signed up for the group with more than one email address.
  • Make sure the group you've left isn’t nested in another group. You'll continue to receive emails from the second group unless you leave it also.
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