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Spam spoiled email addresses

When your message is posted to a group, Google Groups masks your email address on the Web to prevent automated computer programs from harvesting it for spamming purposes. When you see an email address in a message on the Google Groups webpages, it will look something like '' instead of ''

Please note: this masking occurs only on the web. If your message leaves Google Groups, your email address will be visible. Messages leave Google Groups in two ways:

  • You post a message to a Google Group where members receive messages via email. Only the group members will see your email address.
  • You post a message to a Usenet newsgroup. If you post to a Usenet newsgroup (not a Google Group), your message is sent to Usenet servers all over the world, some of which are controlled or used by spammers. Spammers extract the email addresses from these messages when they arrive on their servers.

If you'd like to continue posting, you may want to use an anonymous email address. We do require a valid email address to post to Google Groups, so if you'd prefer that your normal email address not be sent with your posts, we encourage you to sign up for a separate email account. Many free email services are available on the web.

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