Use Google Groups with a screen reader

You can use Google Groups with these screen readers:

  • ChromeVox on Chrome OS
  • NVDA or JAWS on Windows
  • VoiceOver on Mac

You can move through Google Groups using the Tab key or standard screen reader keystrokes.

When you open Google Groups, the focus is a list of topics posted by members of the group. The application contains the following parts:

Google Groups buttons and search: Search your groups, change your settings, or do things like create a group or write a post.

Main content section: When you're in forum view, use your screen reader's "Go to list" shortcut to move to the list of topics. From there, press j and k to select the next and previous topics.

Navigation tree: When you reach the navigation tree, your screen reader announces the Google Groups menu bar. From there, select where you'd like to go, such as "Home," "My groups," or "Starred." For example:

  • To go to the next or previous headings, use Tab and Shift + Tab or your screen reader's "next" and "previous" shortcuts.
  • To move within a section, use the up and down arrow keys.
  • Expand the section under a section heading with the right arrow key, and collapse it with the left arrow key.

Learn how keyboard shortcuts can help you navigate Google Groups.

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