Use Google Groups assistive technologies

Google Groups supports the ChromeVox screenreader program used to read screen contents to visually impaired users.

Google Groups also contains two features that are useful for assistive technology users. The first feature is a set of keyboard shortcuts that improves the speed of use of Google Groups. The second is the presence of ARIA hints on important screen elements.

Using Google Groups with the ChromeVox Screenreader

Google Groups supports the ChromeVox screenreader program. Click here to download and install ChromeVox from the Chrome Web Store, and check out the  ChromeVox tutorial .

These two documents are written for Android OS. If you are working on the PC or Mac, use Control + Alt instead of Shift + Search.

You can use Control+Alt+N+O (go to next list) to focus the list of topics in a forum view. From there, you can use the Google Groups keyboard j and k shortcuts to select the next and previous topics, or you can use the tab key to tab through controls if you want finer-grained control.

Headings are provided as landmarks throughout the application. For example, the navigation tree can be traversed by using Control+Alt+N+H to go to the next heading. Or use Control+Alt+P+H to go to the previous heading. You can use tab and shift-tab to navigate within categories.

Keyboard Shortcuts

When you navigate to the Home screen, you are presented with a prompt explaining that you can open the keyboard shortcuts help screen using the question mark. Pressing the question mark displays a dialog with a table of keyboard shortcuts arranged in two columns. Press Control + Alt + Down Arrow to navigate through all the keyboard shortcuts.

Some useful keyboard shortcuts are:

  • Press o to open a topic, expand, or collapse a post.
  • Press c to start a new topic.
  • Press a to reply to a post.

The dialog can be closed by typing question mark again, or by pressing the escape key.