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In Google Product Forums:

  • Members help other members understand a specific Google product.
  • Members earn badges based on their level of participation.
  • Best answers appear at the top so other members can easily find them.

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Join a Google Product Forum

  1. On Google Product Forums, select the product whose forum you’d like to join.
  2. At the top right, click Sign in.
  3. If you don't have a Google Account, click More options and then Create account.
  4. Click My Settings My settings and then Membership and email settings.
  5. Choose your display name and whether to link to your Google profile. Your name can be your Google profile name or a nickname.
  6. Click Join this group.

Linking to your Google profile helps you establish your identity online and connect with others. It also lets others see the information that you share publicly on your Google profile, including your name and photo.

Start a new topic

You can write new posts and respond to messages.

  1. On the homepage of the forum, click New Topic.
  2. Enter the question title and select the type of post (discussion or question).
  3. Select categories as needed.
  4. Enter your message.
  5. Click Post.

Reply to a topic

You can reply to any post within a topic.

  1. Point to the top of the post and click Post reply Reply all or Reply to this message Reply.
  2. Enter your reply.
  3. Click Post.

Get responses to your posts

By default, you'll only be emailed with responses to the topics you post to.

To change your email settings:

  1. Click My Settings My settings and then Membership and email settings and then Email settings.
  2. Next to "Email delivery preference," make your changes.

Search the forum

  1. At the top of forum's homepage, enter your keywords in the search box. For example, in the Google Docs Forum, enter "How do I check spelling?"
  2. Click Enter or Return. A list of topics related to your search appears.

Browse all topics about a product

Below the pinned topics on the forum's homepage, click Discussion categories. In the menu that appears, select categories you’re interested in.

Types of topics

To find the most relevant information, you can narrow your search to a specific topic type.

  • Question: A post that requires an answer.
  • Discussion: An open-ended exchange.
  • Announcement: Information that Forum managers have shared with all visitors.
  • Pinned topic: A post selected by Forum managers to remain at the top of the topic list.
  • Locked topic: A post that is closed to new replies.
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