Banned Content Warning

If you come across a Google Group with a Banned Content Warning, you have three options:

  • You can choose "I do not wish to view spam", which takes you to the Google Groups homepage
  • You can choose "I would like to view this content", which will allow you to view the Group despite its suspected spam status
  • Or you can request a review by clicking "This content is not spam", which will communicate to Google that you think the Group isn't actually spam.
It's important to note that while Groups with Banned Content Warnings may still be viewable by clicking on the "I would like to view this content" link, no email from the Group will be sent. If there's any content within the Group that is indeed spam, it's the responsibility of the group owner to clear out the offending content prior to requesting a review. Any Groups containing adult content but which are not explicitly marked with an adult content warning will be permanently banned.

If you're a Google Group owner and feel that other members posted unwanted spam or adult content, this is likely a good indication that you need to tighten your Group's security settings by doing one or more of the following:

  • Moderate all new members
  • Delete spam-like messages that are on the front page as well as any spam-like links or files

Owners of a banned group can request an appeal to reverse the ban decision. Before doing so, a group owner should make sure that any abusive content has been removed from the group and that setting have been updated to reduce the chance of further abuse on the forum.