Find and join a group

You can join a Google Group to have discussions about a topic or to communicate with your team, organization, class, or other group. Some groups grant immediate membership, but others require you to request membership.

Join a group

  1. Sign in to Google Groups. Learn how to join if you do not have a Google Account.
  2. In the box at the top, enter a subject, like "cooking" or "football."
  3. Optional: If a group is open, you can read messages sent by its members by clicking the group name.
  4. To join a group, click Join group or Apply to join group. If a group is invite-only, you can ask to be invited by clicking Contact owner.

After you’ve joined a group, you get a confirmation email. If you applied to a group or contacted a group owner, the group owner needs to approve your application before you can participate in that group.

Change your settings and display name

You can change your display name, photo, email address, and how frequently you get email from the group.

  1. Sign in to Google Groups.
  2. Click My groups.
  3. Choose a group.
  4. In the top right, click My settings and then Membership and email settings.
  5. Choose your settings.
  6. Click Save.

Join a Google group without a Gmail address

If you don't have a Google Account, you can:

  • Read posts in public groups
  • Search for posts in public groups

You need a Google Account to:

  • Create and manage a group
  • Join a group
  • Post to a group
  • Delete a post
  • Read a restricted group's posts

To use these features with Google Groups, you can create a Google Account without changing your email address.

You can also link a non-Gmail email address to an existing Google Account. The linked email address can be made an owner or manager. Learn how to sign in to your Google Account with another email address.

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