My membership settings

Your membership settings for a group appear when you join a group or when you click on the Membership and email settings link at the top right of the page, from the Topics screen. These settings allow you to choose how you, as a member of a group, will participate in group discussions. The settings on the Membership and email settings follow:

Display name
Your display name in this group.
Google profile
Click this checkbox to link your Google Accounts profile to your activity in this group.
Which address do you want to use for this group?
Click on this button to select a different Google email address to associate with this group.
Delivery settings for this group
Select how you would like to receive email from the group using one of the following four settings:
  • Don’t send email updates: Do not receive email for group posts. Participate in this group through only the web interface.
  • Send daily summaries: Receive one summary email of new activity per day.
  • Send combined updates: Receive one email for every 25 new messages.
  • Send me an email for every new message: Receive an email for every new post.
In order for the group members to receive daily summaries or combined updates you need to allow messages to be archived by Google Groups. You can find this setting after following these steps:
  1. Login as admin/owner to
  2. Choose the group affected and click on 'Manage'.
  3. Choose 'Group settings' from the right pane.
  4. Choose 'Advanced'.
  5. Disable the check box 'Do not keep an archive of messages sent to this group'.

Update settings

Select Save to save changes, or select Cancel to revert back to your previous settings. You can also leave this group by pressing the Leave group link.