Add a group as an email address in Gmail

Requires the Owner or Manager role.

When you set up Gmail to send messages as a group, Gmail sends a confirmation code to the group. To receive the email and verify the code in Google Groups, you might need to adjust some of your group settings.

  1. Sign in to Google Groups.
  2. Click the name of the group.
  3. On the left, click Group settingsand thenGeneral.
  4. Under Who can post, select Anyone on the web.
  5. (Optional) To ensure that only group members with message moderation permission can see the confirmation link:
    1. On the left, click Group settingsand thenPosting policies.
    2. Under Message moderation, select Moderate messages from non-members or Moderate all messages.
  6. In Gmail, to set the group as an address, follow steps 1–3 in Send emails from a different address or alias.
  7. (Recommended) After you verify the code, remove the confirmation email. In Groups, choose an option:
    • Using message moderation:
      1. On the left, under Conversations, click Pending.
      2. Locate the message > click Reject message .
    • No message moderation:
      1. On the left, click Conversations.
      2. Check the box next to the message sender name.
      3. At the top right, click Delete .
  8. (Optional) Restore the Who can post and Message moderation options to their previous settings.

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