Politicile de produs

We reviewed policies, making them clearer and raising the quality standards for free advertising grants. The latest policy update for all Ad Grants beneficiaries took place on January 1, 2018. 

Note that we use product notifications in particular to communicate personalized suggestions and policy notifications. Once you've changed your account to comply with policies, please request to reactivate your online account

We also want to help you use the grant effectively. See the Ad Grants ad input video  and  previous live streams . For more support, watch live live streams , local events, product notification notifications, and customized content support . Contact your Ad Grants team for personalized tips, schedule, and workshops by joining your preferred email address in your notification preferences in the "Personalized Performance Help and Suggestions" section. You can also contact us through  the active online community forum

In addition to specific Ad Grants policies, all Ad Grants accounts must comply with the Google Ads Standard Policies .

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