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My US nonprofit supports a University based in Guatemala. Can I run ads in Spanish in Latina America I would like to run ads in Latin America for programs the university has online in Spanish. Can I do… I have everything set in Ad Grants How do I get the Promo Code to Launch 1. I have been approved for Ad Grants 2. I have set up my campaigns 3. Now I am at the billing stage…
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Can Google Ad Grants support call ads Can Google Ad Grants support call ads?
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Account was suspended due to duplicate account Our nonprofit client's Google For Nonprofits account was suspended due to being a duplicate account.…
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Applied for the orboarding of Non Profit and it's been 10 days now. How much more time will it take? It's been almost 11 days now since we have requested for the onboarding of the Non Profit Partner Fi…
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can we create responsive search ads for the campaign ? is it different from normal text ads i have created a normal search ad and been running the campaign but the recommendation section keeps… My account spent way over the $329 daily limit yesterday I work with a Grants account that spent $348 on Monday and $461 yesterday. Never seen it exceed the …
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I had 35 ads disapproved yesterday with the note: Certificate required: Sensitive events The ads have been running for a long time, but then yesterday 35 ads across different campaigns were…
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When will our account be reactivated? Our Ads Grants Account was suspended a week ago. We filled the reactivation form the same day. Since…
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