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Is the Google AD grant program dead? Our application has been stuck at "Product Activation Received" Is the Google AD grant program dead? Our application has been stuck at "Product Activation Received"…
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Not receiving the Compliance Report We are not receiving any compliance report via email. We do have notifications set up: I am opted in…
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My google ad grant account is pulling payment information from my other ad account. How do I remove Do I have to create a new gmail address different from the other ad account and reapply for non prof…
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Newbie to Google Ads for Nonprofits I am a nonprofit trying to get up and running with the google ads nonprofit funds. However my questi…
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Question About Setting Campaigns Up I have followed all the proper instructions and applied for the AD Grants. After waiting for weeks, … Can NGOs work on consumer rights bid on the brand keywords of those fraud companies? We are a registered NGO based in India. We work on consumer's right protection. We create awareness …
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Does Google Grants Monitor the Aggregate CTR 4 compliance or ad groups to maintain 5% CTR rule? Need general info not listed in policy regarding Google Grants requirement? Maximize Conversions and Activation of New Ad Grants Account On Brand New Ad Grant accounts it is required to choose Maximize Conversions as your bid strategy, h… How long before Ads Grant goes live after approval Can anyone tell me how long after Ads Grant account is all setup and been approved will the account … Ad disapproved for selling free items --> NOT TRUE An ad we've been running for a long time was suddenly disapproved for "sale of free items". That's n…
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