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Must my website hold a deluxe level SSL certificate? I'm trying to start using Google Grants but understand that our website must first be secure. There … I have submitted the Ad Grants pre-qualification survey, but my application says I did not. I am getting truly frustrated with the new application process. I have submitted the Ad Grants pre-q… Can we share the backlink on our website to access to the distributor's product page? Please kindly answer questions below: 1. Our foundation has the distributor who sell our product to …
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Need some help getting approved for an ads grant! I have applied for google ad grants making sure to follow along with every recommended step. One rec…
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How do I re-write my Mission Statement in the initial application as my keywords are non-compliant. I keep getting rejected as my keywords aren't reflecting our mission statement. Does anyone know how…
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How do I ensure that the product or service category reflects the mission of our nonprofit? Our registered non profit Emek Hashaveh Dialogue Center registration number 580628196 deals with Alt…
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Payment profile verification Hello, We had Google ad Grants activation approved and we have only to accept the Terms
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I completed all steps to get the grant but I keep getting aemail that I need to do step 2 and others We are a nonprofit, and we have been trying to get the grant, but every time we submit the applicati…
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We keep getting declined for Google AdGrants because of our Product/Service Category. Why is this We are the Players Philanthropy Fund (PPF), a 501c3 charitable organization that facilitates and adm…
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Is there any way a CIC company signing up to this? To register for this grant, we have to register with tt exchange, but they do not have the functions…
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Status: Not processed. Activation needs work. Hello, I used the https://support.google.com/grants/answer/1689506?hl=en
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Do students need to pass all 4 (search, display, video, shopping) certification to start OMC? It seems that the Google Ads certification system has changed. In the past, students are required to…
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Do you have a pdf copy of the full Grant app? I'm a volunteer and need to gather the info needed. Data privacy and concealing identity is a core value of my non-profit. Before applying for an Ad gra… Why is our website not approved? Upon submission/application, we received this response from Google: Your ads lead to a website that …
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Does the Professor need to have direct digital/online marketing experience? We are a group of students from Berlin and interested to participate in the OMC challenge. I have tw…
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How do I reactivate my ads and grantsmanship Grantsmanship
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Insufficient number of campaigns... I am continuing to receive "Insufficient number of campaign" rejections. I have three campaigns with… Delay With Approvals? Delay With Approvals? HELP! Is anyone else waiting forever after applying for the AD grant program? …
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May you please add Uganda among the list of supported countries We have successfully registered our NGO in Uganda. However we are unable to use this service as Ugan…
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Hi, Is a 501c4 organization eligible to apply for a google ad grant? Thanks, Eddie Hi, Is a 501c4 organization eligible to apply for a google ad grant? Thanks, Eddie
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